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Dick City

Mock Front Cover

Mock Spread 1

Dick City was born out the overwhelming need for Leeds to have a small publication dedicated to the city’s phallic architecture. Upon starting the project it quickly became apparent that Leeds does not, in fact, have any buildings shaped like huge dicks. What it lacks in dick architecture, however, it more than makes up for in it’s population. The Dick is a familiar sight from Burley to Beeston, Headingley to Hyde Park to Holbeck (especially Hyde Park), and everywhere in between. This publication is a homage to The Dick. Their style, their actions and their lives. 

Everyone has a dick in them somewhere. Welcome to Dick City. 

*Also we drew some knobs on stuff because it’s funny. 

Mock Spread 2

Omg let me instagram this! #f4f .

Mock Spread 3

Mock Spread 4

You make me want to chop my fucking fingers off.

Mock Spread 5Vaguely phallic vegetables 
Leeds City Markets 
circa February 2012.

Mock Spread 6Annoying & irritating products 
designed for idiots to admire .

Mock Spread 7Fig1. - 1. Inexplicable mug 2. Massive beard 3. ‘Vintage’ camera 4. ‘Ironic’ jumper .

Mock Spread 8All hipsters with top knots.                                      Fig. - 2     1. Topknot 2. Massive beard. 

Mock Spread 9Fig. 3 - 1. White dreadlock topknot 2. beard 3. Oversized floral shirt 4. Short shorts . 

Fig.4 - 1.Fedora 2. Moustache 3. Oversized extra-low v 4. This thing 5. Rolled jeans, workers boots.

Mock Spread 10Dick in puddle 
circa March 2012.

Mock Spread 11

Mock Spread 12The trend to style the hair in the shape 
of an iced gem for no other reason but fashion.

Mock Spread 13Fig.5 - 1. Snapback, backwards 2. Oversized sunglasses (worn inside) 3. Bling watch 4. Tiny manbag.

Fig 6 - 1. Snapback 2. mMirror #selfie (on iphone) 3. Pout 4. Loud shirt 5. Dungarees, off shoulder.

Mock Spread 14 Fig.7 - 1. Snapback 2. Mirror #selfie (on iphone) 3. Pout 4. Loud shirt 5. Dungarees, off shoulder.

Mock Spread 15

Mock Spread 16Dick swatches.

Mock Spread 17

Mock Spread 18“I’m so happy with this zine; it makes my dick cry.”
Tahler Hill 
(co-designer and publisher, 2015)

Dick City was designed and produced by Rob Jameson & Tahler Hill, with support from the ‘wonderful’ Champion Up North. 

Rob Jameson is a graphic designer, collage artist and illustrator living and working in Leeds.
instagram @inkybearbits

Tahler Hill is a graphic designer, illustrator and clothing designer floating around Yorkshire.
instagram @roofioclothing

Mock Back Cover