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Ones to watch in 2015: The rise of the fashion blogger

  • Published in Trends

Fashion bloggers have been on the rise for many years now and have quickly changed the way we see and understand the fashion industry. From Tavi Gevinson to Chiara Ferragni, fashion bloggers have gained their own type of ubiquity and have become international style icons, even dictators of style through their own designs. We take a look at some of the best fashion blogs the North has to offer, from notorious bloggers to charming upcoming blogs that you have yet to discover, which are set to achieve big things this year.



Sara Luxe is a young stylist living in Manchester, and is ‘obsessed with fashion subcultures and sugary foods’. She has quite a history when it comes to working in the fashion industry and is now working as a stylist at Missguided, where she creates enchanting outfits and concepts. When it comes to her fashion blog, she has set herself apart with a unique style, simple and elegant yet edgy, that is easy to envy but hard to master. Her effortless and nonchalant looks, as well as her incredible fashion sense, have earned Sara Luxe spots in numerous magazines and online publications such as Boe Magazine, Teenbook, Style, Look, Glamour and ASOS, and have made her one of the most notorious fashion bloggers of the North.


Hannah Louise

Hannah Louise has one of those incredible, all-encompassing fashion blogs that you can’t help but love, right from the very first click. She is a law student from Manchester, who runs a very successful lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog (see, it really does have it all) and has been massively featured all over the internet due to her on-the-budget, affordable style, which she flawlessly manages to make look high-end. If you ever thought you need loads of money to have amazing style, then Hannah Louise is the living, breathing, trés chic proof that shopping on a budget may actually give you that extra hint of creativity that you need. Needless to say, Hannah has had a very successful year thanks to her blog as she has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Personal Style Blog’ in Company Magazine’s 2014 Style Blogger Awards and has been promoted in national, and international publications such as Missguided, Company Magazine, Primark, Boohoo, ASOS, Legal Cheek and many, many more.


Thumbelina Allie

Thumbelina Lillie is a charming fashion blogger from the North-East of England who dazzles everybody with her cute outfits and her amazing lifestyle and beauty posts. She has her own YouTube Channel and runs #PROJECTBAREALL, a no-makeup confidence project which I find very inspiring and refreshing. She is a one-of-a-kind blogger, with numerous fashion projects, all of which reflect her captivatingly girly style that you can’t help but love. Megan, the girl behind Thumbelina Lillie, has won the Highly Commended Established Beauty Blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards and has been featured in many online publications. If you haven't seen her blog before, then this is your lucky day: after spending a few minutes there you’ll definitely regret not finding it any sooner.


She Wears Fashion

She Wears Fashion is the blog of Kavita Donkersley, a passionate 20 year old from Sheffield. Her outfits are flawless and her sense of style can be easily transferred into any high-fashion magazine. She is young and bold, as evidenced throughout her fashion and lifestyle posts, which can easily make every girl in the world green with envy, as she cops some of the hottest high-end pieces. Unsurprisingly, she has been featured by some of the industry’s biggest names such as Vogue, Nylon, Grazia, MTV Style, Look, Topshop, Elle, Cosmopolitan and so on. Not only has she incredible style, she also has numerous collaborations with brands such as Macy's. If this has not yet convinced you that Kavita is one of the must-follow fashion bloggers of the North, then you should check out her amazing Travel Diary!


Shot from the street

Shot From The Street is the fashion-blog dream: simple, elegant, high-end, inspiring and everything else in between. Lizzy Hadfield is a University of Leeds student, a ‘tea drinker and a cat lover with a dangerous addiction to shoes’, and a true fashion inspiration for bloggers everywhere. Her every outfit looks like it came straight out of a fashion magazine, and the shoes… well the shoes are divine. She also runs a personal YouTube Channel, another medium through which you can pine after all her designer pieces and enjoy some of the greatest fashion videos a blogger has ever done. Needless to say, the press has been all over her blog and Shot From The Street has been featured in some of the biggest magazines in the industry: Elle, StyleCaster, Off The Record, ASOS etc. There is not a single doubt that Lizzy will be playing in the big leagues soon, but until then it’s a good thing she updates her blog daily.