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Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2015 – Through The Looking Glass

leeds rag
Photography by Sean O'Connell

Every year Leeds University plays host to one of the most glamorous and impressive fashion events in Leeds. From designer clothes, professional hair and makeup, to stunning models and Anna Wintour-wannabes, Leeds Rag Fashion Show has mastered the recipe for a successful, unforgettable fashion show. ‘Through The Looking Glass’ managed to transform an entire room into a modern fairytale, raising money for both Leeds Mind and the Richard Mayne Foundation.

leeds rag fashion

In a sea of stylish people, bloggers, journalists, designers and sponsors the show unveiled another side of Leeds’ fashion scene. With disco beats in the background, the first models strutted their way down the catwalk, starting the show with boho vibes, and slowly moving their way up to stronger colours and patterns. It was one tale after the other, from ‘Hansel and Gretel’ to ‘Red Riding Hood’ to ‘The Queen of Hearts’.

leeds rag fashion 2015

As the night went on, the clean, classic looks of the first presentations, moved on to a more psychedelic 60’s vibe and to a Jeremy Scott inspired collection of pastel pink and blue, furry purses, glitter, giant candy, and all that jazz. What I liked most about the show, was the easy going, free attitude of the models who not only smiled on the catwalk but danced their way down and filled the room with good vibes. The best moment of the show was, without a doubt, the male model who rocked a pair of heels better than any other girl I have seen there. The sass, the shade and his fierce confidence, blew everyone away, leaving everyone in awe.

leeds rag fashion week

‘Through The Looking Glass’ was a beautifully produced show, which managed to take all the elements of a professional fashion event and transform it into a fresh, charming experience. With a long, impressive list of designers including: Beaufort & Blake, Annie Oakes, Bo Carter, Carlo Volpi, Faulkner London, Anhha, Zara Mia, Victoria’s Secret Pink and many, many others. Hair by Westrow Academy, make-up by HD Brows and music by Flux, the show was able to enchant, and create a dream world for all the people there.