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How to blow your loan in style: The luxury of Leeds fashion

  • Published in Trends

Once that student loan goes into your bank account, the urge to treat yourself becomes irresistible. You can suddenly afford all the things you would never, ever buy out of your own money, and blowing your wealth on exquisite clothing is no longer a fantasy, but a tantalizingly realistic option. Whether you're after exuberant style, unique designs or stunning production skill, tease your temptation with our list of the best quality clothing that Leeds has to offer.

Your Dressing Room

Your Dressing Room leeds

Situated in Queens Arcade, Your Dressing Room is a very elegant boutique, tucked away from all the big high street shops. If you’re ever in the need for an extravagant yet classy dress for a formal event, this boutique is your best option. They offer a large collection of fabulous dresses and masks that will catch your eye from the second you enter the shop, and even if you’re yet to find an occasion for the dresses, the shop will make it very hard for you to leave empty-handed.

Each to Their Own

each to their own

Each to their Own is an independent boutique which homes some of the UK’s most creative and innovative retailers such as Alex Chrisopher, God’s Gift, ANONYMOYS, Emily Sharp and Blonde and Wise. Found on Duncan Street, the shop holds numerous garments for both men and women who want to stand out from the crowd and give their outfits a modern edge. One of the best things about the clothes at ETTO is that they are limited edition, so not only can you choose a wonderfully unique outfit, but you also won’t spot 100 more people wearing the exact same thing.

Bo Carter

bo carter

Leeds’ best kept secret, Bo Carter sells ethical and highly fashionable clothes and accessories. Step into her shop in Central Arcade and along with her incredible collections you’ll find garments, for both men and women, from other fabulous designers such as Roya, Zara Mia, Urban Fox, Today I’m Me, and many more. Bo’s collections are effortlessly chic, casual and fun. No matter what your personal style is, you’ll fall in love with the shop and everything it has to offer.


If you’re looking for a more alternative, street style based shop to spend all your student loan in, then Fresco is the place for you. Situated in the Corn Exchange, the indie shop offers some of the best street fashion and vintage in Leeds. The clothes are unique, eclectic and cutting edge, making Fresco a one of a kind shop which has managed to embody Leeds’ ethos into carefully chosen garments and accessories.

Lambert’s Yard

lamberts yard

The new cool kid in town! Opened recently, Lambert’s Yard is a unique concept store for fashion, art and design, which houses the works of numerous independent brands, such as Subversive, Edie Mac and Spektre. The concept store offers a new shopping experience for Leeds’ fashionistas and aims to promote both established and emerging brands and designers. The beauty of the place can’t really be described in words: once you step inside, the real world fades away and all that is left is a great shopping experience that will make you reconsider big brands and their copy-pasted collections.