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Cult of the Fashion Casualty: Mamma Mia here we go again...

  • Published in Trends
70s Fashion Web
Illustration by Rob Jameson

Fashion is cyclical with influences from the past inspiring collections seasonally. Then, every now and again, certain trends reappear without much of an update at all, which for the thrifty amongst us is a dream come true. Reworking and re-wearing old classics became the fashion territory of hipsters for a while. Recent years have spotted them revelling in the ease of picking up a pair of cheap Levis from a second hand store and coming away looking cooler than you ever could-minimal effort required. But, with the imminent return of 70's fashion to the catwalks retro clothing has made the journey into the mainstream quicker than Dizzee Rascal, now open to everyone, not just those with an unhealthy appetite for Nation of Shopkeepers's pickled onion Monster Munch burger.

For the fashionable but frugal, it's time to rejoice: already a devotee of sales and outlets, this tribe know how to make their cash go further and when the trends play straight into their tight-fisted hands they make the most of it. Money, money, money, is no longer a worry when you know the key new piece you need to make heads turn may just as likely be at the back of your parents' loft, as it will be on an overpriced rail in Topshop. The thought of dressing like their mother is less of a worry and more of a bright idea for nailing chic on the cheap in the eyes of this crowd.

Of course, it may not be possible for them to find all they need to pull off the Saturday Night Fever look 2K15 courtesy of Ma. But with a plethora of local charity shops, such as the RSPCA and Sue Ryder, renowned for their clothing selection the stylish but stingy don't bat an eyelid. You'll even find the truly committed waiting to update their wardrobe, then being first in line for events such as 'Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair', next set to return to it's hometown on the 14th March. I mean, when even the entry is free, it's all groovy baby.