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Two Truths & a Lie: Witch Vs Throwdown

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In preparation for the Witch versus Throwdown event at The Old Red Bus Station on Saturday I caught up with the head honchos of each brand to play ‘Two Truths & a Lie’.

For those that don’t know how the game works, Concordia from Witch and Dee Brown from Throwdown will each take it in turns to say 3 statements, 2 will be true and 1 will be a lie.

It is then up to the other person to guess which statement is a lie; the loser will face a forfeit that will take place during the event on Saturday night!

'So let's begin! I have prepared 6 categories for you to base your statements on, which will give us all an insight and background into your DJ and music production careers:'

1. Name 3 DJs you've supported:

Concordia: "Notion / K-Klass / Endian."

Dee Brown: Endian?

Concordia: Damn it, yes that's the lie.


Dee Brown: “Derrick Carter / Darius Syrossian / Cassio Kohl.”

Concordia: Derrick Carter?

Dee Brown: Correct. I loved playing alongside Darius and Cassio!

2. Name 3 venues you've played at:

Concordia: "Mint Warehouse / Beaver Works / Mint Club.”

Dee Brown: Mint Club?

Concordia: Yep that was the lie.


Dee Brown: “Space / La Terrazza / Mint Warehouse.”

Concordia: La Terrazza?

Dee Brown: Nope that’s true! I haven’t played at Mint Warehouse yet.

3. Name 3 music genres you like to play during your sets:

Concordia: “House / Techno / Bassline.”

Dee Brown: Bassline?

Concordia: Ye, hard not to have an obvious lie on that one!


Dee Brown: “Techno / Funky / Deep."

Concordia: Funky?

Dee Brown: Dude that one's off the scale, we know each others musical vibe, ha ha.

4. Name 3 items on your drinks rider:

Concordia: “Water / Gin / Beer.”

Dee Brown: Water?

Concordia: Hahaha nope, the lie was beer!


Dee Brown: “Jack Daniels / Red Wine / Beer."

Concordia: Red Wine?

Dee Brown: Wrong! I love red wine, the lie was JD, I hate drinking Jack Daniels!

5. Name 3 items on your tech rider:

Concordia: “Pioneer DJM-900 / CDJ-2000s / A Decent Monitor”

Dee Brown: Pioneer DJM-900?

Concordia: Damn it you got me, I do love Allen & Heath mixers, but I wouldn’t be that fussy, tbf!


Dee Brown: “CDJ-2000s / 3 Decks / Allen & Heath Mixer"

Concordia: 3 Decks?

Dee Brown: Wrong, Allen and Heath! I'm gonna send you my press pack ;)

6. Name 3 of your favourite tracks to play when your last on the bill and closing the event:

Concordia: “Dosem - Chase The Link / Larse - So Long / Audiojack - Plastic Dreams (20 year Tribute).”

Dee Brown: Larse?

Concordia: Nope, the Audiojack tune was the lie! Although it does all depend on who and when I’m playing for!


Dee Brown: “Johnny Fiasco - I Want It / Everything But The Girl – Missing / Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm Remix)."

Concordia: Everything But The girl?

Dee Brown: Yep that’s the lie, well done!

So I can reveal that the looser is, by just one question, is Concordia from Witch! Make sure to come down to The Old Red Bus Station on Saturday from 9pm to see her face her forfeit. Many thanks to both of you for playing along!

Head over to the Facebook event for full details of what to expect on Saturday from these two outstanding brands: http://bit.ly/2fDZxnH