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5 minutes with Sine Wave...

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sine wave music event leeds

Being in the city of Leeds we can easily overlook our fellow music promoters in the towns surrounding us, but Huddersfields 'Sine Wave' have been turning more than a few heads of late with their hybrid mashups of bass driven bass and beats….

We sat down with one of the brains behind the night Jake Briggs for 5 minutes with...Sine Wave.

First off tell us a little bit about the ethos behind 'Sine Wave'?

Well, Sine Wave is a multi-genre soundsystem event and record label, we are based in Huddersfield and we aim to support underground soundsystem culture and provide a platform for up and coming talent to perform alongside bigger names and gain links in the scene all around the country. Our focus on supporting soundsystem culture stems from our home town of Huddersfield being the capital of soundsystem culture in the north back in the 70's and 80's. There's nothing quite like a group of people dancing in front of the accumulation of a sound engineers pride, love and hard work, we just love a big speaker stack in Huddersfield, it's in our blood!

You've been running parties for a while in Huddersfield now, what can you tell us about the music scene there, and how does it differ from Leeds?

Being a town as opposed to a city Huddersfield differs immensely from Leeds, being a soundsystem event in a town such as Huddersfield comes with its pros and cons, the cons include genre interests changing quite often which for a promoter can be quite the hassle, another one is our infamous venue curse. Huddersfield is a sucker for venues, due to the small scene it is hard for a venue dedicated to underground music to thrive, all we have are commercial clubs and bars that frown upon our scene, and sadly that is not the direction we want our hometown to go in. There is something in the works though which is quite exciting but we can't go into that! Leeds contrasts this in so many ways, due to its size there is a venue for everything and there are so many paths to go down regarding genres too which for us being a multi-genre night is fantastic. One of the pros of Huddersfield I will always point out is the people, everyone in the scene knows or knows of each other which brings with it an extreme sense of community, hopefully, we can bring this spirit in full force to Leeds and strengthen the link between Huddersfield and Leeds.

Which of your events has been your favourite so far and why?

Our favourite event was by far our event last June with the Second To None Music crew. We had Deadbeat UK, Dr Cryptic, Vital Techniques and Mikey B come over to Hudds, and they tore the venue apart, they even shot us an after movie that you can find on STNM and Sine Wave's social media platforms. It was a great pleasure for us to have artists that we have been listening to and supporting for years come to our hometown and enjoy themselves.

Top 5 producers that are turning your head at the moment?

Dr Cryptic: I would say Dr Cryptic has had our heads turned for the past 3 or 4 years, we've been a fan since he was producing Dubstep, and evil Dubstep at that. Yeah, Cryptic will be on this list for quite a while, his production style is on point. And if you've not heard of Sheffield's Chip Butty Records get to know, it's Cryptic's label and they have been smashing out fantastic releases since day one. https://soundcloud.com/dr_cryptic/rico-tubbs-ghost-rider-dr-cryptic-remix

Surreal: Now I'm not sure if it's a bit biased to have one of our residents on this list, but there's a reason Surreal is on our roster. This guy puts in the work when it comes to music, he carries his own style which is rare these days and is the head honcho of Sub:Freqz, which is a record label based in Huddersfield. Surreal has a lot planned for the Label so you should definitely check out Surreal and Sub:Freqz. https://soundcloud.com/joshuaascension/surreal-spacetribe

Thorpey: An it's an it's an it's Thorpeyyy, he's not just turning our head in terms of his productions but also his mixing skills and tune selection, Thorpey knows how to get the zombies in the dance filled with energy again, this is something we have experienced first-hand and I'll tell you now, impressed is an understatement! Thorpey's dominating the scene right now and is gathering bookings all around the UK. This guy really knows what he is doing.

Superior Cornrows: Cornrows consists of Tich and K-orse who are two of the big boys over at Sheffield's Off Me Nut Records. If we were asked to describe the sound of Off Me Nut Records no doubt about it we would play a Superior Cornrows tune (Followed by Smiley Maxx's jungle weapon 'Fukin Dark'). We started listening to OMN tunes with a few Squire Of Gothos and Phatworld songs when we were younger, and Tich being part of both Squire and Phatworld just makes Cornrows right for us, keeping to that old sound that we know but also venturing into elements from the modern Bassline scene. In our opinion Superior Cornrows are the perfect representation of the aesthetic of Off Me Nut Records. Did I forget to mention that they completely shell the rave as well?

sine wave music leeds

Swedger: We have heard people say that Buckfast is the only good thing to come out of Scotland, but boy are they wrong. Swedger puts in the work when it comes to what he does. Producing songs across possibly the widest range we have seen a producer go across, and keeping his own style whilst doing so. All in all Swedger gets our vote! We for sure are having him at one of our nights in the future. https://soundcloud.com/projectalloutrecords/swedger-shimmer-project-allout-presents-lengerz-vol-2-compilation-various-artists

Honourable mentions: Even though these guys aren't in our top five we definitely have to give them some mentions, B Squared, Vital Techniques, Tony Tribe, Blitz, RUFUS!, Simply Dread and Skepsis, they are all doing their own thing and we are loving what they are doing!

What is your top club night tip?

Always be prepared for anything! A lot can go wrong during the production of an event and its crucial to always be on your feet and be aware of any possibility that may occur. Oh and make sure your headliners absolutely BANG!

Your focus in on the more bass heavy genres of dance music - How do you feel this style reflects you?

We focus on mainly bass heavy genres because we believe they carry with them the most energy and I believe this reflects the hard work and enthusiasm put into every one of our nights by our crew and DJs.

Finally - What can we expect from Sine Wave on the 19th?

Expect pure good vibes from start to finish, expect banging tunes and great people! To top of that, expect our absolutely vibing crew!

Many thanks to Jake for the interview - You can catch the Sine Wave crew taking things in a wobbly direction this Friday at The Old Red Bus Station!

Event - http://bit.ly/2bcpZBu

Tickets - http://bit.ly/2bxsfSg