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5 minutes with Rupture...

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Ahead of London based record label and club night Rupture's debut Leeds' performance this Friday at The Old Red Bus Station for License To Jungle we took 5 minutes to chat with Co-Owner DJ Mantra about Rupture's sound, plans & history.

ORBS: First of all, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today, Rupture has been a staple of the underground Jungle scene in London for quite a while now, tell us how it started?

DJ Mantra: We started in 2006 after being heavily inspired by nights such as Bassbin and Technicality. The first venue we used was way too big so it wasn’t the the most successful event as we lost out on a lot of money. But like everything in life it was a learning curve, so we went back to basics, found a 200 capacity venue, and built it up from there.

ORBS: You’re now rolling into your 10th year, which is no mean feat, but what would you say has been your personal highlight since the beginning?

DJ Mantra: If you’d have asked me 2 weeks ago I would have said our second birthday or our Bloc 9 Glastonbury take over but after our 10th birthday on Nov 18th, for me that was a personal highlight. It’s the biggest event we’ve done but it sold out weeks in advance - we never expected the response to be so big. I was really worried that people’s expectations would be too high and the vibe might not be there but there was something really special in the air.

The atmosphere was electric and it was packed out until 8 in the morning. It’s definitely a night I won’t forget in a long time.

ORBS: Tell us about your influences, where did your love for Jungle & DnB come from?

DJ Mantra: Mine is pretty much the bog standard story for most London DnB heads! My older brother would always listen to Kool and would go to all the big raves such as Telepathy, World Dance & Roast. I eventually managed to twist his arm to take me along and I was hooked! We’d sneak out with our fake ID most weekends and if we couldn’t get into the raves there would always be a squat party to go to!

This was around 99 / 00 so I was really into a lot of the techy sounds and eventually the more I got into it the more I started to love the heavy breaks / jungle side of things. When I met Panka we'd go record shopping every week so because of her I developed an addiction to buying old jungle records!

ORBS: Time for a top five - Whose sounds can’t you stay away from at the moment?

DJ Mantra: Forest Drive West, Outer Heaven, Double O, Sully, Nucleus & Paradox (Overlook, Blocks & Escher, Theory!!)

ORBS: Aside from the club night, you also run Rupture as a label which has managed to grab some great names already not least of all ‘Seba’, tell us about how that came about?

DJ Mantra: It was a pretty natural step for us to take. When you’re surrounded by music and all your friends are making amazing tunes with not much outlet it just made sense. We had no idea what we were doing but just booked in the mastering date and forced ourself to get ourselves into gear in time!

ORBS: Finally, for those who aren’t too familiar with the Rupture sound, what can our fans expect on the 2nd December?

DJ Mantra: Loads of music forthcoming from the label and a big bag of vibes!

Many thanks to DJ Mantra for the interview, you can catch her alongside Double O, Djinn, Blackeye MC & the License To Jungle residents on the 2nd December at The Old Red Bus Station!

Tickets for this event are now sold out, a small allocation of tickets are available on the door.

Event: License To Jungle - Rupture Takeover