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5 minutes with....Samurai Breaks

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samurai breaks

Sam Langley aka Samurai Breaks has been blurring the lines between Drum & Bass, Jungle & Half-Time for the past few years with a steady stream of underground releases piquing the interests of the global underground music community.

Since taking an extended trip around Europe and ending up in Prague, Sam has been honing his skills with his efforts culminating in one of the highest honours a new producer can get - A play of his track ‘Silverback’ on Noisia’s staple radio show - Noisia Radio.

Now with a forthcoming release ‘My Sound / Run” on the respected ‘Halogen Music’ imprint Samurai Breaks looks set to break into the big league.

We sat down for 5 minutes with....Samurai Breaks.

Hey Sam, thanks for joining us today!

First up; The influences question. Who would you say your main influences are?

Ooh jeez, well i just listen to loads of music…My sound is a combination of Footwork / Grime / DnB / Jungle / Dub / Soca and weird beat shit!!!! My main thing I need in music is interesting weird drums.

You’re quite adept at producing various flavours of Jungle & DnB but which style would you say your most comfortable with, and which is your favourite to produce?

I dot between all different styles of uptempo music to learn new techniques, grooves and to keep me interested, I even wrote a 135 club music EP recently because I had writers block at 170 but if I had to narrow it down my favourite style to produce is wonky weird beat halftime DnB, I've got lots of that style in the works but just need to find a label to support it.

Obviously, a play on Noisia Radio is about as high as an honour gets in the world of Drum & Bass, but what other highlights can you describe?

Yeh shit man!! That Noisia play was madness, couldn't quite believe it at first!!

Generally, the hype has been building up nicely. I have supported some of my favourite artists (Sam Binga and Om Unit) which is nice. I’ve also started to get support on my tracks from some of the higher up heads which is nice, getting to hear my homies Jenkins Juke play my sound at a recent gig in Prague was a HUGE step for me..It was the first time listening to someone else play my track from the dance floor side of the situation! That was epic!!!

Launching my label with Vyking has been a nice step, working with so many talented artists to create beautiful music and hopefully much more in the future! I’ve got some really amazing gigs lined up as well, can't quite believe some of the shit that's happening!!! Croatia/Germany & Portugal are all lined up for 2017 as well as some Prague and UK dates already!! It’s mental.

Talk to us about your production process. Any special plug-ins you can tell us about that have been keeping you entertained?

Urrrrrm well, I go at it very differently everytime because I try to break any habits as they form….. At the moment i am really focusing on trying to make unique and new music so I have been using a lot of foley recordings in my tracks to add a more natural un-quantized feel to the tunes but I'm always reaching for the old school drum sounds and breaks recordings as well. I'm still trying to pioneer and find my final sound.

In terms of plugins i recommend Camel Phat and Audio Assault plug-ins are also BANG!!! I fully recommend getting the plugin alliance plug-ins as well….They are absolutely amazing!!! The vitaliser really sorts out the width on your tracks and the limiter they have is a diamond!! I love it, use it every day!!!

You’re now based in Prague with stints back in the UK, how does the music scene differ from Leeds to Europe from your experience?

Prague has a truly unreal scene dominated by DnB, Trap and Techno!! I have really enjoyed playing in some of Prague's top clubs (Cross Club + Chapeau Rouge) people seem really open to weird crazy music if you are in the right place. There's always loads of international artists being flown in to play, I love it, seen some UK artists I always wanted to see playing out here.

Tell us about your forthcoming release on Halogen, how did that come about?

I’ve always admired the label and what they were doing and got talking with Julien about 6 months ago, he really liked one track from the dub's I sent him and it went from there.. That track he originally wanted is actually ‘Silverback' that Noisia played. He ended up not signing it and later I wrote ‘Run' and he really liked it and asked for a b-side, took me a few tries to hit the sweet spot but I did with my sound. I am so happy to be involved in the label because it's really fucking awesome and high-quality vibes! They are very well respected for their sound.

What else is in the pipeline over the coming months?

I’ve got a Jungle vinyl release I am putting the final touches on atm, a halftime ep on groundmass, a collab Jungle EP with Pixel on Footslane, my debut EP on my label ‘Tsunami Bass Weight' and some compilation tracks as well… But mostly just grinding in the studio tryna make some super duper sick noises.

Finally - Tell us what to expect this Friday?

Interesting drums & rampant bass lines.

Many thanks to Samurai Breaks for the interview, you can catch him at The Old Red Bus Station for License To Jungle on the 11th November!