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DIY Valentines gift ideas

  • Published in Features

I have to admit that I'm not a devoted Valentine's Day advocate. At school, February the 14th always emphasised the fact that the gents in my year weren't all that bowled over by painfully shy boyish-looking girls with fierce acne. I do get incredibly excited by a lovely thing called love though so, with that in mind, I will share four of my favourite ways of giving it (in DIY gift form).

diy valentine gifts

A lover's shrine isn't just for stalkers. If it is presented in a tiny box and doesn't include snippets of hair or old gum, it is actually fairly romantic. Although, if your one and only is expecting a marriage proposal, a misleading-shaped decorative matchbox might not go down so well.

diy valentine gift

A paper doll of your soul mate is a certain winner. For the purpose of this article and my wildest fantasies, I will pretend I'm dating Noel Fielding. Do not worry if you cannot draw decently - as your Honeybear, they will be so immensely infatuated by you that they believe anything you create is wondrous and of great talent.

diy valentine gifts 2015

The mixed tape / CD is due a revival. With music so easily accessible nowadays, to press play on a stereo and await affectionately hand-picked songs from your courter is the bee's knees. Throw in a love letter for good measure.

diy valentine gift leeds

Even though the penny is not considered a favourable coin, it should not be so readily dismissed - 400 of them earn you a daily bus ticket, 1000 earn you two moderate beers along Call Lane, and only one is needed to earn your Significant Other endless pleasure. Find a penny that is dated from the year you first locked eyes on one another and superglue it to an old necklace or ring (pre-loved jewellery adds to the charm). And remember, if all else fails, just have some ridiculously priced heart-shaped chocolate on standby.