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Celebrating all things Mexican at Cielo Blanco

  • Published in Taste

cielo blanco

Photography by Paul Jones

Champion Up North were invited to have a taste of the exclusive preview menu at Cielo Blanco.

The Leeds food scene is forever growing and is arguably full of some of the best cuisines the UK has to offer. Nestled amid the corners of Leeds Trinity sits Cielo Blanco, a Mexican restaurant that popped up in Leeds in 2013. While the establishment is based at the top of Trinity - an area that can be filled with a heavy air of stressed shoppers, it was a pleasant surprise to find that Cielo Blanco was, in fact, peaceful and felt separated from the rest of the shopping centre.

cocktails leeds cielo blanco

The wooden arches, bright décor, sun-lit terrace, and cacti set the mood for an exciting evening in celebration of National Tequila Day! So naturally, we were keen to try the array of margarita jugs on offer.

cocktails leeds cielo blanco 1

The mango and passionfruit jug was a hit all round, and the strawberry and grapefruit jug was perfect for those who preferred a sharper taste. They were served to share in a jug, with each glass rimmed with sugar and a strawberry.

cielo blanco cocktails leeds

We nibbled on some usual accompaniments; tortilla chips with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and a black bean chutney paste.

cocktails leeds cielo blanco2

We were impressed to learn the staff at Cielo Blanco take trips to Mexico for recipe inspiration and to learn more about traditional Mexican food. Pretty impressive stuff! It was great to see them really try to capture the authentic cuisine.

cielo blanco cocktails leeds 3

While the Pork tacos don’t look like much, they are simple yet moreish. The pork was cooked with pineapple that lifted the flavours of the pork, served with diced onion and coriander – they couldn't go wrong!

cielo blanco cocktails leeds food

Mexican street food style lamb chops were flavourful and warm without being too spicy.

cielo blanco cocktails leeds food 1

Quesadillas with mushrooms, almond pesto, and Oaxaca cheese were a hit with the vegetarians. Oaxaca cheese was a new one for us, but is similar to mozzarella and has a mellow buttery flavour, which tasted amazing!

cocktails leeds cielo blanco4

With each dish being served in a sharing style it truly added to the relaxed atmosphere Cielo Blanco had encaptured. While not overly cheap, the prices are fair to say the food is fresh, of high quality and authentic. If you find yourself caught up in the madness of shopping, Cielo Blanco is a definite recommneded spot to kick back and relax with a jug of margarita.