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Urban Legends of Leeds

  • Published in Features
CUN urbanlegends
Illustration by Rob Cubbon

As students across Leeds prepare for the Halloween party season, we remind them that not all, is as it seems...

East Moor Secure Children's Home . A correctional facility for kids, founded in 1857. The home was leased to Leeds Metropolitan in 1990, and made into student flats. The students moved in and there weren't any problems, until around the year 2000, when a few start talking about their computers, about files going missing. Too many for it to be just an accident, millennium bug maybe?

No. Students began waking up with their essays and coursework completed, the Millennium bug couldn't do that. Something strange was going on. Then suddenly, in 2003, the building was declared 'unfit for use'.

It's the abandoned building in Adel Woods. Leave an exam paper there overnight, go back in the morning and it will be completed. Or, sometimes, filled with bizarre, violent and vulgar non-sequiturs.

The medical department of Leeds University backs onto a graveyard, and there was a biology professor who used to dig up corpses in the nineteen-twenties. One day, a student's mother became sick and died. She was buried in that cemetery, and the student, her daughter, went to the grave every day before class.

One day she went and the grave looked different, but she didn't worry about it, she went to class like normal. As usual there was a cadavre on the table ready to do a practical demonstration. The professor pulled back the sheet to reveal her mother's body.

Police checked the graves in the cemetery and found the majority empty. Then the professor disappeared. The police tried to find him everywhere but eventually the search was called off and the investigation had to be discontinued. Then ten years later there was a class and it was a practical demonstration. The demonstrator pulled the sheet back there lay the other professor's body; the one that disappeared.

Parrott Man. He lives in the woods near Meanwood Cricket Club, and takes his two dogs out for walks late at night, when it's so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face. You will see two dots of light; he puts little lights on their collars. The dogs come up to you and he follows the lights. Then he sucks out your eyes and feeds them one each to the dogs, out of his mouth like a bird.